Phumulani Ntuli  – ECAV


The video performance explores the notion of death as a ritualized quotidian action or non action and its inevitable characteristic to render the body immobile, with this act the body becomes an index of an unending narrative, even long after a person people pass on, their stories still resonates posthumously. Furthermore, it is concerned with fact that death carries political and economic overtones intrinsic within different cultures.
The video/performance teases on the disconnectedness between the notion of life and death, life being mobility and death being immobility and its double meaning, posited by Mbembe’s idea of Necropolitics[1], his  formulation is that the notion of death within the sovereign power is a promise to affirm illegitimacy on the physical geographical area, this illegitimacy is not only exercised on control of social and spatial relations, it also lends itself to eliminating the limits of rights.

[1] Achille Mbembe Necropolitics, translated by Libby Meintjes