Californium 248 (Zofia Klyta-Lacombe, Thomas Köppel, Coralie Rouet, Théo Keiflin, Sonia Rickli, Simon Senn)  – 


"Paan" -could this be the sound this Performance Group made as they pretended to hit each other in a dance like game with the public? Actually it was more like PugH!! The large room is crowded there is almost no room, we hear a voice making commands or signals with numbers. Among the crowd, Players, Dancers, or Performers start to move to the numeric commands. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5,". Six players in all change partners as they jump, dance or violently react from one side of the large room to the other. A synchronized Ballet? The movements can be very elegant and the coordination is well rehearsed as the crowd moves around trying to make room. It is all very hectic. There is still room for improvisation, we do not know if this dance is rehearsed or improvised.
They give themselves the chance to express themselves as we see more and more the contact the players make with each other. We, the fascinated public feel a sort of rhythmic flowing wave of energy. We hear many sounds like the agonized breathing, the sliding of bare feet, the hard crash of bodies flying and dropping to the hard but smooth floor. We notice that as the game with the numbers continues, the people enjoy forcing the group into a power playas they change the numbers and force different positions becoming almost abusive in their zeal to control the players. The players react and go along as much as they physically can.
Finally they stop to the relief of the public and the players themselves. The fun here is the interactive nature of the game. People start to get into it without fear of getting involved. The commands force us to participate and we all become the game.

Carlos Varela