Linda Elsner, Nils Amadeus Lange  – HKB

waTamTam, ein Hochamt

The chapel is naturally lid. We see a projector beaming an animation of a black geometrie triangle form that vibrates nervously on the back wall . In front are two veiled persons a man and a woman dressed in long black robes reminiscent of an evening gala which includes very eccentric black shoes and sandals. An arranged group of objects in the middle of the two persons add to the functional character of a ritual ceremony, where the objects will used in the process. Black is the dominant color of the scene. The smell of burnt incense adds to the atmosphere.

As a viewer one is always fascinated by the mystery of the Ritual. In this case I was. There were a lot of creative segments, including the language, sounds, use of multimedia and hand gestures that added to the magical effect. Of course, the audience was fascinated if not surprised at some points . The feeling of purification, punishment and redemption were quite clear as demonstrated in various parts which included whipping of each performer. It was difficult to understand the details of the ceremony but this was not the point for me . This performance emphasized that WE need some sort of order and the invented ritual satisfies that need.

Carlos Varela