Karin Kurzmeyer, Wiebke Helmchen  – ZHdK

The Kurzmeyer-Helmchen Production

Two business dressed warnen are sitting in a small table in the right side of the entrance to the Dampfzentrale. They are very concentrated writing on A4 sheets of paper. They react to each other with camments and expressions that speak of complicity. They are up to samething. But what? The sheets slowly scatter and fill the floor around them. I try to read the comments they write. Things like: "sometimes I feel li.ke an empty bag", "ich bin rasend", "Ich mag mein Oma nicht.", "Ich bin im Henko-Fan- Club! Ihr nicht". They sametimes laugh and seem to enjoy this "therapy" session. The comments are in different colors, and in english and German. After a couple of hours they start to pick up the notes and sort them into same system. They tell me this is the second part of a story that will keep going. I guess I will have to stay tuned next time for the development of this brain storming...

Carlos Varela