Fanny Jemmely  – HGK

semi-improvised musical performance,

zentai suit, one performer and the potential participation of the public,

approx. 10 to 15 min., winter-spring 2016.

“ Here and now,

where the event

is ever about...

to happen ! "

At the heart of this work, there is an undefined "I", a figure turned into the image of a generic human by an integral suit hiding every personal features. This lonely performer is reciting, singing, shouting a textual script through the membrane out of fabric. This declamation accompanied by rhythms directly produced by tap dance shoes constitutes the constant development of a music, seen as a metaphor of the notion of “becoming”. These lyrics, meant to be "meta", are regularly repeating  “here and now” as a refrain and an anchor, depicting diverse elements relating to the performance as a constructed situation : the undefined figure and her actual actions, her position towards the audience and her no longer secret intent to not let this performance remaining a spectacle. Without having any precise melody or gesture to mimic, each spectator is solicited to throw his own voice out, to add whatever is going through his throat and motions to the running show. Therefore its title takes on its full meaning as the piece effectively stands as an undefined event, possibly variating each time of its occurrence.