Mimi von Moss  – HGK

Einladung zum Essen
mit: Fadime und Hüssein Kisacik, Familie Nizam, Tenzin Kunsamala und seinem Freund Tserink

A Social Interactive Proposition with a "Role reversal"

Action / Happening / Experiment or Performance? Organize an opportunity to invite Asylum seekers who offer a buffet of their own cultural specialties to the Act audience. This is the work from Mimi von Moos. She hopes for Interaction, Communication. The asylum seekers are our hosts today. They have the chance to show themselves, show what they can. We might get a different impression of people who we do not know or understand. -rhis is the hope of Mimi. Like any experiment there is always the risk that you might not get what you want. In her view it is worth trying. She sets up the parameters and lets things happen. An event that has potential to go in any direction. Unfortunately, from what I saw the interaction was not totally there. People were very happy enjoying the great ethnic food. There was obvious friendliness and appreciation but people kept generally to themselves within small groups. A couple of students did talk more deeply with some of the Asylum hosts. One can say that the gesture is good willed but the Interactive opportunity really would need more time, maybe another context. The struggles for Asylum seekers are incredibly difficult and every individual has a specific circumstance with his situation. It is never-the-less admirable from Mimi von Moss to try and do her part in facilitating this very rare contact for us.

Carlos Varela