collectif inouite: Anna Nitchaeff, Lucie Kohler  – HGK Basel

collectif inouite

Max und Bruce "Der Brief"

The costumed Max and Bruce characters (inspired by Fischli / Weiss) are at it again. A series that has been developed by the dynamic Artist duo "Collectif Inouite" (Anna Nitchaeff / Lucie Kohler) they tease us with another atmospheric, provocative, and silly reflection on Rules, Copyright Infringement, Reapropriation Art and the consequence of going to Court or Jail if the artist steps out of line. "Der Brief" speaks of an attempt at "doing the right thing" (asking permission) to perform with the similar, but not exact costumes of Fischli / Weiss's Rat and Bear figures. They get a letter of rejection and decide to keep going. In defiance they decide to laugh at the establishment. So, Make a Party! Better yet a Strip-Tease Party with a little Morality question thrown in... 

With Nico's song "Femme Fatale" of the Velvet Underground in the background we see the protagonists live it up and Rebel. They dance for us and show what they can. Of course with the heavy costumes the audience can only imagine – which makes it more seductive and funny. Stay tuned for the next adventure of Max and Bruce. 

Carlos Varela