Andreas Egli, Christian Egli, Sean Claassen  – 

One for every time
with the following Performance
Bernhard Hegglin (HKB)

Aman with a guitar plays to another sitting in achair at a small table. There is a middle size ornament pot with what seems like meat in it. On closer inspection the meat looks like a heart or could it be a human heart? The lights go out and the man with the guitar starts to sing a melancholie Ballad. The other man lights a match and starts to burn the meat or heart. We barely hear the words to the song as the crowd intently fixes on the heart which becomes engulfed in flames and the "frying" sound of burning meat start to compete with the darkness and the song. Words like:

"God is left to scorn", Let me die alone", "How the dead behave", "No one will understand" are barely heard as the fire starts finally to smolder and the final words "A shot gun to the head" are left with us to ponder...

Have we just witnessed a ritual for a Sacrifice??? Everybody rushes in to see this "Burning Heart". To add to the shock and wonderment a man (Hegglin) comes suddenly into the gathered crowd and throws an object into the "sacrifice pit". A white object that looks like aceramie paper airplane crashes to the floor making a loud noise and sits broken into pieces as the crowd reacts with surprise and claps. We are suddenly brought back to life!

Carlos Varela