Yvonne Good  – 

Für 3 Minuten

A good ten minutes for just three. A slightly chubby woman dressed in Gym warm-ups carrying an equipment bag comes into the room. She ties her hair back and takes headphones with an Ipod to listen to music. It is clear we are seeing someone get ready to exercise. Of course, we do not hear her music only the breathing that gets heavier as she starts to warm-up. The comic figure she makes as she poses in different ways to warm up different muscles seems silly and the audience enjoys it. She is really trying, she demonstrates that this is serious warm-up. She is good, it starts to become more competent than funny. She jumps and makes spirals in the air, and because of the heavy concentration starts to sweat. She then stops disconnects her Ipod and proceeds to use the whole room to make more higher jumps and spins. She obviously has experience . ..Time is up (we guess) and she searches her bag to reveal Ice Skates. We watch as she patiently ties the complicated lace system, puts on blade protectors, takes a sip of water and pulls her warm-ups off to reveal a sexy fantasy ice skaters competition blue dress, then walks off. She is now ready for the next three minutes!

Carlos Varela