Vanessa Gageos   – HKB

Max Alive

An elaborate set-up in a darkened room shows a projection from above to the floor plus a laptop and performer lying next to it. We are confronted with arhythmie projection of a background image plus two changing smaller images inside. The sequence of images is very lively and quickly changes. There is a visual play with technology, drawings of industrial character and some with very organic like anatomical drawings of the human body are all juxtaposed and changing. The "operator" tries to manage this complex set up.

The need for technology is overwhelming but the human character is essential. After some minutes the "operator" slowly starts to break and bend from the circle of control and technology she is managing. At one point it seems like she has enough and decides to lie down resigned and exhausted . She places her head on the floor and the light from the projection shines on her showing her humanity against the electric light energy of the projection. The ambiguity of this reaction is very strong as she suddenly gets up and turns off the whole "living" system and walks off...

Carlos Varela