Maya Minder   – ZHdK Zürich

Say the names

Performance, 15 min

Materials: an archive of slide pictures, a slide projector

This performance is created  for a small audience of 4-5 people inside a intimate space. I therefore asked the audience to choose 36 slide photographs in random order to home to whome I narrate a story instantaneously.

In 2009 during a interim project in a former carpenters factory I found an archive of family slide photographs  inside an abandoned workers apartment. An archive without its author is an archive without a history. One recognizes the similarities of all family archives; seeing the generations growing older, holiday icons, pets and private gardens.

The task is to instantly reacton what one sees and round up a story whita closed narration - including metalevels, different characters, phantasy worlds, twisted plots and subject-object relations. Each story therefor is singular in its own. This performance is a long-duration performance in a sense that I will repeat the performance continuously, for a broader audience. Each performances takes about 15min. 

Stories are like people, the more you hear of them the better their stories gets. Did you know, that it wasn't the Grimm Brothers who originally invented their fairytales, but the "Volksmund" from whomthey derived the best stories off?

This performance is also an homage to the overstrainof too much personal data and its following despair actions of deleting or losing own privat data. An attempt of empowering collective subconsciousness.

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