Renée Schauecker   – ZHdK

But that's another story, Part IV (August Sander, Sekretärin)
beim Westdeutschen Rundfunk in Köln 1931) Cirqu' enflex Photography has no dark sides! -August Sander

In his ambitious project of trying to record the real character of his Society, August Sander gave us an in-depth photo-portrait series that worked on many levels. In trying to catalogue his concept he categorized his subjects by professions. We have here an example of "The Secretary". Schauecker recreates this famous shot for us and -for her (like the rest of the Series). The set up includes achair in the style of the period (early 30's) a tripod with camera and soft spotlight. We (the audience) wait and start to hear sounds like those of old radio broadcastings. The background sounds set the mood of aperiod when one did not really know what the future would bring. The pre-war time was one of tension and anticipation. We hear Marching soldiers, more exactly those that remind us of Nazi Germany. Ignoring historical fact (at the time of the photo, Nazi Germany was officially starting and the hardcore military character set by the marching soldiers was still to come) it is important for us to feel the mood and atmosphere of the times in which the photo was taken. The secretary worked in the radio broadcasting offices. Schauecker comes in and looks the part. She wears an elegant dark dress and smokes a long cigarette, gets to feel like this very sensual woman who just has enough patience to pose and pose. The Announcer / Photographer (Sander) tries to stimulate her, to bring out her true character and he succeeds.

Carlos Varela