Roby Healer  – Kairo

When I was doing performance in Aarau I had an inner feeling that the audience are staring at me like if I would be an animal in a zoo. I was not comfortable. So I kept staring at them as well. Since then I started to ask myself: why I am doing performance art? And why people come to see me?. In act 07 I felt it is like in a big zoo: 15 performer 15 performance. What a great staring chance for the audience! So I followed the game and I put myself in a plastic cage and I gave the audience a chance to stare at me and take photos. But from inside I was staring at them as well. In Geneva I will put myself inside a TV and keep satisfying them and give them what they need. I will play like a clown inside the TV. But I will stare at them through out the camera.