Maya Minder  – ZHdK

Say these Names, 2009-2015

The title of the performance is "Say these Names". While you choose random slide photographs from a found archive, I will tell you a story according to the pictures you see.


In 2009 I found a family archive of slide photographs inside an abandoned apartment. Using the theme of the lost author I therefor created this performance to narrate new stories according the pictures. Popular family photo archives are in their structure very similar, one can recognize members of the family threw all their generations, there are pictures of exotic journeys and close-by trips, one recognizes their different types of free time leisures and gets an impression of their moundane environment. The task therefor is to tell instant stories reacting on each picture and the random order of 36 slide photographs. This performance is made for a intimate audience of 4-5 people and each audience is choosing their own random order of pictures from the archive. The performance takes about 15 min in total.