Ezzat Rania   – HEAD

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15 min.

Live performance in Geneva, video performance shown in Luzern and Zurich. My performance consists on penetrating an object which i call « la boule ». I created this object by folding with my hands metal wire and rolling it around so it took the shape of a ball. This intriguing transparent solid heavy and fragile mass invites to see through and to touch. Penetrating this object was for me somehow a way to question it. As I am inside, there is this feeling of being enveloped by something I have made with my own hands. Movement is of course an important element of this creation. These metal wires are in a constant movement. There for, in my performance I move inside and try to find or make myself a place. It does represents my thoughts materialised and penetrating it, it is in a way finding refuge in my own thoughts.