Yvonne Good  – F+F


In the Cirqu' enflex we are all seated on the floor and we see objects that one would think are for washing or cleaning oneself. Yvonne Good comes in and silently starts to tape a row of A4 papers on the floor. She starts from one side of the room and carefully lines up every sheet until they exactly end and match the width (about 4.5 meters) to the other side. The audience has been patiently watchings as this took a relatively long time. The row of A4 sheets and the masking tape make an abstract repetition pattern on the floor. She then bends down with her back to us and starts to write with a crayon on the row of sheets a text in german.
the reaction of the public is very curious and slowly they loose their inhibition so they startto move closer and closer. They want to read the text as she writes it. There is a lot of tension in daring to interfere with the performance. They have waited long enough. Finally they read:
Ort (alt germanisch Ounst-ig) 1. Ist immer im Umbruch, an dan man, sich weder wohl noch unwohl fülht. 2. Ounst-ig ist überall, wo man hinzugehen wunsch, es ist nicht eingegrenzt. 3. Heute kann Ounst-ig auch durch die Simpsons oder durch Pilze erfahren werden.
Everybody gathers around to read as Yvonne disappears into the crowd and suddenly everybody realizes it is not over. In silence the public watches as she uses the toiletries that were on the floor to carefully brush her teeth??!!

Carlos Varela