Sabrina Davatz, Sarah Graf  – HGK Basel

lV Reality Show Live

Communication is about bridging each other. In this case we are literally asked to do that as we switch from one room to another room. We are asked to react to a "Live" Performance. On one side there are two women moderators who are watching lV shows. They are seated on a desk full of electronic equipment. Cameras are broadcasting their comments as they watch lV. In the other room we see three monitors on the floor showing the broadcast. One monitor for each moderator and one for the lV show. The moderators are broadcasting the dialogues for uso There is a lot of humor as they do their best to follow the images and invent phrases that make us laugh. Their strong personalities are felt as they improvise. Is it a clever, fun exercise in improvisation? Are we understanding something about society? It is hard to tell. The crowd is entertained.

Carlos Varela