Karin Kurzmeyer, Wiebke Helmchen   – 

We wait in the cafeteria as we see a small table with a large dial clock and two small lamps . Suddenly two woman looking professional in dress come in carrying a large suitcase each. They proceed to open the suitcases and we see they are full of paper-backs in different thicknesses. They place the books randomly on the table and when there is no space -they place them on the floor around the table. They immediately start a dialogue by reading a line from a random page in the books. immersed in their activity we do not get to participate except in hearing the intonation of their lines and trying to unify them into sounds that start to develop a melodie quality. There is no disruption or break, machine-like they do their work ...

The performers are curiously not interested in each other or in the public even though they need to make dialogue. There is no eye contact in their random discourse. One is left empty and tired in seeing the energy needed to make "small talk", but I think this is what makes it interesting.

Carlos Varela