Thomas Reinhard   – ZHdK

The Badness of Death

Making a point in terms of Marketing can be fun and creative. The problem lies in how entangled do we get in the believing of the corporate message. If we believe than maybe it can be fun. If we don't we suffer. Thomas Rheinhard's "The Badness of Death" works on the line between corporate message and absurdity. This performance as Parody works well to let us see the silly message. Selling t­ shirts, shoes, underwear is serious business. Somebody has to make "the big sell". We get a chance to witness the techniques that might be used and argued to make the selling point. We all sit in a darkened lecture like room full of rows of chairs with the friendly businessman and trusty projector ready to go for uso The sales man has to convince and charm uso Reinhard does a good job of selling us the absurd. He makes clever use of projecting the logos and market symbols on his body. For a little more than ten minutes we get a taste of Corporate religion, Old chinese Philosophy as gag and Power point as spectacle. We are sold!

Carlos Varela, Basel