Renée Schauecker   – 

But that's another story, Part III (Diane Arbus, Untitled (Marcella Matthaei, 1969)

"I mean it's very subtle and a llttle embarrassing to me, but I really believe there are things which nobody would see unless I photographed them." Diane Arbus

How long can you look at a photograph? I guess Renee Schauecker did it a long time. In the third of her series "But that's another story", the famous portrait of a precocious child caught in a very revealing and powerful moment is recreated for us with subtlety and humor. Though at first her performance seemed unsure, (maybe the blond wig and child like character was too strong) when I saw the original photo I begun then to understand what could have really happened and Shauecker tried to feel the moment.

The question of Performing and performance gets very delicate here. Trying to relive and experience the magic moment when art is created is her concept here. Photography relies on this magic moment. Instead of recreating it I guess Schauecker can only try to experience it herself as Performer. Schauecker does try to feel the details that Arbus would see and capture in her work and we sensed it.

Carlos Varela